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Welcome to The Hive London!

The Hive is a concept as much as it is a community. We rent space, yes, but we also recognize that space is more than just the furniture within a room, within a building, within a city. Space can say something. Space can create a feeling, rouse emotions and can change the way in which people interact with one another and the world outside the space in which they interacted. 

At The Hive, we believe that when personal and professional development exists in the same place there is a special quality of growth, connection and deep relationship building that evolves that can not be manufactured elsewhere. People begin to see each other, know each other, support each other and realize that each one of us is a part of something bigger than ourselves. 


While at The Hive you’ll be greeted by our friendly, supportive and encouraging Colony Contributors, a group of people who make The Hive possible by being physically present to greet guests, set up for events and bring a warmth we’ve come to be known for. You will also see entrepreneurs productively working alongside each other in one of our comfortable and unique public coworking spaces. You’ll cross paths with our full-time tenants, offering services from counseling to massaging, and see the appreciation in the faces of the clients they’ve helped. As well as one-time renters and first time visitors, you are likely to see someone you haven’t seen in years or were meant to meet for the years to come. 

We look forward to welcoming you into our space soon and supporting you in your personal and professional growth!

Better Together. Stronger Together.

Within our walls and beyond.

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For any inquires please contact us!

Email: info@TheHiveLondon.ca