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What Is The Hive London?

 We offer rental space for group gatherings, private meetings, and outdoor events. 

“The Hive is special place unlike any other.” ~Past event attendee

We are working to make London,Ontario the most engaged, creative, healthy and caring community it can be by supporting small businesses and projects that “do good”. What that looks like is as varied as there are species of bees (nearly 200,000). 

We offer a space that feels like home, where your clients can leave their worries behind, your event guests can feel safe to open up and explore their interests and nurture their talents, as you as a business owner or host can leave the details of “space” to someone else who wants to see your activities succeed.  

We also offer support through methods of accountability and visibility so that each tenant or event host that comes through our doors, leaves having improved on their business, their community reach and their own personal growth. 


We want you to jump in and take risks and feel safe doing so because you have the people and resources that will make those first steps less daunting. Whether you have a business that is just taking off, a support group that’s been running for years or a product you can’t wait to release to the world, we want to be the space that suits your needs and those of your clients and customers.

No matter what phase of the ‘dream come true’ continuum you are at we want to work with you to help you get to the next level!

That’s our Mission!

We grow as you do! 
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For any inquires please contact us!

Email: info@TheHiveLondon.ca

Telephone: 226-777-1001