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Deforestation in the Forest City. Again.

A London grassroots community group of concerned citizens is working quickly to determine the future of an approximately 500 tree woodland lot owned by Sifton Properties to the east of The Hive London. It resides on a historical vista south of Southdale road at 1350 Wharncliffe road. Deforestation has already begun as of Thursday August 30th. The Hive and the owner of the property were not g...
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How To Bring Local Awareness To Your Event At The Hive London

By Jenna Goodhand, Hive Director So you are ready to host an amazing event at The Hive! We couldn’t be happier to have you in our space sharing the good things you add to our community and the people we share it with. Thank you! We’ve found a few activities that will ensure the most people know about your event, see its value and most importantly you fill the spaces available for y...
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There Is Enough Success For Everyone

By Jenna Goodhand, Hive Director Sometimes you see all the incredible people around you doing things you wrote down on your to-do list *gulp* years ago and you wonder “How the heck did they get that done so fast?” Be proud of them. Be supportive. Be inspired. Because coming from a place of jealousy and envy, means coming from a place of ego and a void of love, and baby, we need more love....
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3 Simple Goals To Set Before You Share Your Event With The World

Oh boy do we ever get excited when we hear from you about an event, workshop or support group you want to host! Often times the conversation we have together is the very first time you've shared this idea with anybody so we really thank our lucky stars we get to share in this special experience with you. Through all the excitement of what the event will look like, and what it will offer your...
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Bees That Work Together Make Honey Together

By Jenna Goodhand  A year and a half ago I was sitting out front The Hive on a summer afternoon enjoying some lunch and basking in the warm July sun. From the front porch I began to marvel at all the small and intimate details of nature around me. The crab apple blossoms bursting with gentle softness and beautiful intent, the small little ants, and bugs and things that crawl that were making...
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