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Help Spread Comfort & Joy with the Shoebox Project

We hope you’ll join us as The Hive Tribe comes together to bring comfort and joy to women who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness this holiday season by taking part in the Shoebox Project For Shelters. Each thoughtfully created and decorated Shoebox is filled with items that can enhance self-esteem and reduce feelings of isolation for women in crisis. We know our community is full of SO MUCH HEART and extending this love to others is the most beautiful gift we can give.
This sounds amazing! How do I get involved?

It’s easy! Check out our suggested donations below and drop off at The Hive anything you think will make someone’s day brighter! We’ll take care of dividing the donated items among the shoeboxes, gift-wrapping, and delivery to the drop off location.

As each shoebox must be valued around $50, it can be challenging for many of us to fill one on our own. But if we all put all our donations together, we can fill many shoeboxes and spread so much more joy! 

If you would like to put together your own shoebox, that’s also fabulous! We are more than happy to deliver it for you if you wish to drop it off at The Hive.

Please donate items you would like to receive as a gift or you might purchase for a loved one. Items must be new and in their original packaging. It’s the high quality of the goodies given that sets The Shoebox Project apart from other donations the shelters receive throughout the year.

Where to donate at The Hive?

You will find a big wrapped box with a “Shoebox Project Donations” sign in which to put your donations. You can’t miss it – it’s inside the room to your immediate right when you enter the big house through the front door at The Hive. We also have a jar marked for gift card donations, as well as any cash donations you may wish to make. Cash donations will be used to purchase anything extra needed to round out and top up the shoeboxes to their full awesomeness!

Donations of all kinds can be dropped off now through December 16, 2017 at 4pm.

What to donate?

We’re excited to see what your hearts and imaginations will come up with! Here are some ideas to get you started…

  • Something Warm & Cozy: socks, mittens, scarf, hat, hand warmers, earmuffs…
  • Something Sweet: nut-free chocolate and candy, mints…
  • Something Fun: playing cards, journal, colouring book, coloured pencils, notebook, pen…
  • Something Pretty: lip balm, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, nail polish, cosmetics bag, jewellery, accessories…
  • Something Personal: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, body lotion, hand lotion, brush, comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss…
  • Something Soothing: sleep mask, mud masque or other spa like treatment, cleansing facial wipes, loofah…
  • Something Special: gift cards to places like Tim Hortons and Shoppers Drug Mart (please write amount on gift card or include receipt)…
  • Something Practical: cough drops, multivitamins, purse-sized Kleenex, bus tickets…

Wondering what not to include?

The Shoebox Project kindly asks we NOT include the following items:

  • bubble bath or bath bombs, as most shelters do not have bathtubs
  • candles
  • mouthwash or hand-sanitizers containing alcohol
  • foundations or concealers, as each woman has her own unique skin tone
  • razors
  • sized clothing because beautiful women come in all different sizes
  • reading books
  • jumbo-sized containers
  • any edible treats containing nuts
  • hotel samples*
  • feminine hygiene products* 

*The Hive will be accepting donations of feminine hygiene products and hotel samples to donate to shelters, but these will not be added to the shoeboxes as the main objective of a Shoebox is to make its recipient feel special and loved during the holiday season*

How can I help spread the word?

Share this email or our Facebook Event (or both!) with your friends, family and coworkers, and then thank yourself from us for being so awesome!! If you have any questions or suggestions, give us a shout at shoeboxesofcomfortandjoy@gmail.com.

Where can I find out more about The Shoebox Project? 

Visit The ShoeBox Project’s website to get more information about this wonderful program. 
Hugs & Hearts,
The Hive Tribe