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Flo Vitality : Balance your Hormones with Food & Lifestyle

Flo Vitality : Balance your Hormones with Food & Lifestyle
Hormonal imbalance is a silent epidemic. Hormones affect more than just our reproductive organs. In fact, hormones are affecting you right now!

When women’s bodies don’t thrive, we fall out of sync with our lives-out of the zone of possibility, and away from our life’s purpose.

When everything falls into place, you feel amazing and opportunities drift your way!

Learn from Holistic Nutritionist and Hormone Imbalance Survivor 😉 Lisa Hocking

In this workshop, we will be answering 4 major questions about hormones:
1. What are hormones and where are they coming from?
2. Why do hormones get out of balance?
3. How can I feed myself daily and live in a way that supports my hormonal balance throughout the entire month?
4. What does it mean to be a women in a world that has the illusion of being dominated by man and how can we as women come forward and shine our magnificence that was once silenced?

You will leave this workshop feeling confident as a women with super powers. You will understand what your body is doing and why. You will feel empowered to take charge of your health and happiness on a daily bases, because you will finally know “YOU’RE WORTH IT!”.

This workshop is for you if any of these symptoms/conditions are affecting you:
Acne – Oily Hair – Dandruff – Dry Skin – Cramps – Headaches – Irritability – Exhaustion – Constipation – Irregular Cycles – Heavy Bleeding – Clotting – Shedding Hair – Weight Gain – Anxiety – Insomnia – Infertility – Lowered Sex Drive – Bizarre Food Cravings – PCOS – Endometriosis – Fibroids – Overian Cysts – Menopause

This workshop is also for you if you’re a woman 😉

Cost : FREE

When: Monday, August 14th 7-9pm

There will be refreshments and time for open conversation and questions.

To sign up for this event please head over to the event page on Facebook and click “Attending”