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Free As Spirirts

Free As Spirirts

Hosted by Kane Alexander McIntyre

Wednesday, February 14 at 6 PM – 7 PM

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Kane is excited to present a practical meditation that will increase your connection with your health. Through these practices, you will partake in a dance and guided-meditation which will allow your energetic body to tap into a wider field of emotions. As we connect and engage in revitalizing our energy together, we will a be awakening our need for a more peaceful lifestyle. Freeing ourselves of daily burdens into momentarily life changes!

Intuitive Dance– There are many cultural dances in the world– salsa, tango, the cha cha, but if you were the first person on earth to create a dance what would your creation of an authentic dance look like? How would you feel into the aliveness of it? Meditation may open your awareness, but to be embodied what mama earth gave you takes a little more movement. We let our motions translate into feeling and in doing so we recall though the dance elements of air, fire, water, earth and ether we are born to move free as spirits! These are practises I have learned through The Living Centre and am pleased to share them.

These practises can help you with:

– Discerning what does and does not serve you in life.
– Growing with presence and gratitude.
– Connecting with your body and viable healing.
– Releasing barriers or blockage to help clarity flow.
– Holding space for others thoughts and feelings.
– Tracking your emotional progress.
– Expressing your love for dance and the arts.
– Having some down-right fun!

This event is by donation.

Come with your fullest intention to explore a deeper intuition and sense of reason for being alive in this moment! As long as not in inertia, being lost is the journey. So come get lost in dance!

The science behind movement: How it works.
Call it vibrations, call it waves or even frequencies, but the truth is energy is at service all around us. So let’s call it energy in motion, in other acronyms, E-Motion. How do we connect to emotions and integrate our body with spirit? Well, the golden rule is, the more movement, the better energy. However, motion is not necessarily progress any more than noise is necessarily music, we can still bring those emotions to the surface and move through them with a true intension to feel our soulful depths.

Have you ever heard of Kirlian photography? A photographic process that reveals a visible glowing silhouette around the photographed objects. The form reveals a glance of its potential because energy does not exist by form. Energy is a potential a form can become. If we live from an intended energy to create that form, then that means we get to choose the type of healing in our life. So like our energetic bodies, we can release and gather energy of our preferred need.

The picture of the Vitruvian Man showed the relationship between the human body and geometry– our proportion or cohesive of how various dimensions of things relate to each other in the greater whole. It is the mapping of the body, so let’s put some geography in that map and expand our energy fields into one another so we can become more closely connected and see each others needs for what they truly are. So we reach out with numerous hands that each hold us with compassion.