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Solve Your Sleep!

Solve Your Sleep!

Hosted by Bedtime Beginnings -Certified Sleep Consultant

Does it take you FOREVER to fall asleep? Or even worse, you finally fall asleep only to wake up a few hours later and then spend the night tossing and turning until your alarm goes off and you start your day feeling exhausted?
Thankfully there is help, and no it’s not a sleeping pill, or any other “magic” solution to get you back to sleep. What you need is to find out what is preventing you from sleeping and make simple adjustments so that your body learns to love sleep again!

In this course we will discuss:

• Diet- Caffeine, sugar, carbs & alcohol- what time of day is best and how it can impact your sleep quality.
• Get Your Body Moving – How just a little bit of movement can help you sleep better.
• Stress– How it affects sleep and how to combat it with some easy management techniques.
• Are You A “Bad Sleeper”? – What negative self-talk can do to your sleep.
• Why A Bedtime Routine? – Using the power down hour to fall asleep faster.
• Importance of Loving Your Bedroom- How to create a sleep sanctuary.
• Negative Side Effects of Sleeping Pills- What the doctors may not have told you.
• Don’t Just Lie There- What to do when you wake in the night so that you stop waking for good!

BONUS: I will provide worksheets so you can take the information and start making small, simple changes to improve your sleep that same night!

My methods work because we dig into the root cause of the issue and make gradual changes so that your body remembers how to sleep again.

You are not broken, your sleep does not have to be bad for the rest of your life; you just need to invest a little bit of time and energy into yourself to see things through.
Let me teach you why you aren’t sleeping and show you the simple steps you can take to improve your sleep! This isn’t a Band-Aid that will only work for a couple of weeks, it’s a long-term solution so that you can get a full night’s sleep each and every night for the rest of your life!

So, what are you waiting for? Let me help you Solve Your Sleep!

Cost: $20
Limited to 15 people

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