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In House Businesses and Services

We are proud to promote those who share space with us and the valuable work and services they provide to individuals, group and the community at large. Here is an overview of our regular tenants.

Jenna Goodhand

Jenna Goodhand – Director of The Hive London (Does not like to be referred to as Queen Bee ;))

In addition to The Hive London Jenna is also a Master Coach Trainer with the Certified Coaches Federation, and trains Life Coaches and Executive Coaches in London, Ontario, Chicago, Illinois and Orlando, Florida. She is the founder of her own personal coaching practice, Personal Vitality Coaching and the Executive Director and Kitchenista for Saving Lives with Forks and Knives, a program that teaches people how to make disease-fighting food choices. Jenna’s academic background includes a Masters in International Economic Relations and a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies and Political Science.

To learn more about Jenna and her services you can have a look at her website: www.personalvitalitycoaching.ca

Natasha Minor

Natasha Minor – Registered Psychotherapist: Counselling Services

My passion is empowering you to live the life you want for yourself. Whatever story you bring with you, I am here to bring out your best self and support you throughout your journey of getting to where you want to be – facing any obstacles with you along the way.

I want to help you get unstuck in your personal life, career and relationships and thrive in every area of your life!

Together, we can tap into your personal power and help you feel strong, confident and emotionally healthy.

For more information about Natasha and the services she provides, please visit: Natasha Minor Counselling Services 

Sharing Spaces

Sharing Spaces – Counselling Services

We offer individual, couple or family counselling.

We have particular expertise working with:

* families where there has been abuse and trauma
* engaging men and fathers
* supporting survivors of childhood sexual abuse
* survivors of interpersonal trauma or abuse
* maternal loss & grief, including termination, miscarriage, stillbirth, adoption and apprehension
* addiction
* mental health
* supporting pregnant folks (and/or loved ones) exercising various reproductive options

Lisa Hocking

Lisa Hocking – Lisa Hocking R.H.N.

Lisa is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Certified Life Coach and is the founder of her own Nutrition Coaching practice, Lisa Hocking R.H.N. She is passionate about women’s health and strives to encourage women to live a life with intention, through being their true authentic self. Lisa supports The Hive London by managing communications and providing a positive and encouraging experience to internal tenants and event hosts. as well as and aims to bring peace, love and freedom into the lives of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

You can connect with Lisa through her website: Lisa Hocking R.H.N.


Dean Anderson


Dean Anderson – Addiction Recovery Specialist & Personal Development Coach

After 20 years of leadership and people management Dean made a purposeful career change and has spent the last several years pursuing his passion of teaching others the quality of life and how it is an integral part of addiction recovery and long term abstinence. He has earned an education in addiction treatment and counselling from McMaster University and University of Toronto. He has trained to become a Certified Coach Practitioner from The Certified Coaches Federation in addition to multiple lifesaving and crisis intervention certificates and skill.

Currently Dean is the Owner and operator of Anderson Addiction Recovery and Personal Development, where he offers coaching, counselling, groups, workshops and education to people that have a desire for positive change. Dean also uses his skills as a public and motivational speaker to battle the stigma of mental health and addiction.

For more information about Dean and the services he provides, please visit: www.deananderson.ca

Tara Kovach

Tara Kovach –  Indian Head Massage Practitioner

What am I most passionate about? I love people and exploring natural health.  My interest in natural healing was inspired by my mother who read plenty of natural health books while I was growing up.  We ate vegetarian in the 80’s, cod liver oil in the 70’s (yuk!) and carob throughout both decades.  I am a mother who loves tending and caring for  all beings. 

What do I love helping people with? I love helping people have quiet time (if that’s what they desire) and also providing the gift of a listening soul.  I also enjoy giving people the gift of loving touch,  I believe this  can be just as helpful as the physical assistance I give the body to assist in relaxation and pain relief.



Janet Sandberg

Janet Sandberg – Blue Dragonfly Energy Wellness Centre

What are you most passionate about?: My work. I absolutely love helping people heal themselves from cancer and stress. I am also passionate about educating people about energy work, holistic health and self empowerment. 

What do you love to help people with: Just about anything, from optimizing their health to helping them move!

For more information about Janet and the services she provides, please visit: Blue Dragonfly Energy Wellness Centre


Sheina Hemstreet

Sheina Hemstreet: Certified Dancing for Birth Instructor and Professional Doula

What are you most passionate about?:

I am most passionate about doing my part as a parent and professional doula to ensure parents and babies can have the most satisfying experience possible. Pregnancy, birth and postpartum should be treated with the upmost care. Parents who feel supported and  confident in their decisions, they enjoy the experience more.

What do you love to help people with?:

I love helping to create a space for people to feel safe and supported. Always providing non judgmental, unbiased, compassionate space for people who need it. I hope when I leave this world, people have a memories of me making them feel good, about themselves.

For more information about Sheina and the services she provides, connect with her on Facebook

Helen Kearns-Ofner


Helen Kearns-Ofner – Soul Solutions: Thai Massage, Yoga, Reiki and Ayurveda

What are you most passionate about?:

I am most passionate about LIFE and LIVING!!!  Health (physical, mental/emotional, spiritual), connection with family, friends, and nature, learning, growing, and expansion in every sense of the word…all of these things and more are the gifts we are given through LIFE.   

“Life is a very great gift, and a great good, not because of what it gives us, but because of what it enables us to give to others.”  

“Let us come alive to the splendor that is all around us, and see the beauty in ordinary things.” ~Thomas Morton

What do you love to help people with?:

Our world today is busy and generally as a society we are over-stimulated and chronically stressed.  I love being able to provide services that allow people to relax, recharge and rejuvenate.

​For more information about Helen and the services she provides, please visit: Soul Solutions

Julie Laidlaw

Julie Laidlaw – Julie Laidlaw Fitness

What are you most passionate about: I am passionate about helping people to realize their full potential so that they can be happier and healthier!

​I am a body, mind and soul coach with over 5 years experience in the fitness industry, I have been helping my clients to achieve their fitness goals and to make positive changes in their lives! My background as a certified personal trainer includes training in the areas of nutrition, older adult fitness and pre and post-natal fitness. I’m here to guide my clients to gain confidence, have more self-love, bust through their fears and make their dreams a reality! Recently, I became a certified life coach practitioner and I’m currently in yoga teacher training, which I will graduate from in June 2017.
What do you love to help people with: After overcoming my own struggles with addiction, depression, anxiety, body image and my relationship with food, I realized that fitness is a part of a much bigger picture. In my journey of recovery and personal growth, I have learned a great deal about gaining balance in all areas of life-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is my mission to pass these tools along to my clients so that they can break through blocks and create a life that they love!

​For more information about Julie and the services she provides, please visit: Julie Laidlaw Fitness

Sonya Zakharia


Sonya Zakharia – Registered Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Practioner

Sonya Zakharia is a registered yoga teacher and co-founder of Down 2 Earth Wellness, an all-encompassing wellness organization specializing in holistic retreats around Ontario and owner of Sonya Ayurveda Massage and Wellness. She has practiced yoga in many variations, specializing in Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Meditation, and Breathing exercises. She also provides Ayurvedic Massage, a massage based on one’s body (dosha) type.

She has pursued growth and healing opportunities, receiving her certifications, practicing and applying her teachings to students at senior centres, non-profit organizations, private functions and fitness centres. Sonya is focused on providing clients with the value of these restorative practices and treatments to help you experience your healthiest self.

Connect with Sonya on Facebook

Jayme Cannon


Jayme Cannon – Traditional Herbalist and Forest Gardener

Jayme Cannon didn’t fully understand what she was getting herself into when she signed up for the Traditional Herbalist program at The Living Earth School of Herbalism in the year 2000…little did she know that her decision would forever change the way she saw and experienced her world.

While researching the medicinal properties of an every day cuppa tea, she was excited by the history and mythology that she found interspersed amidst her research.  She went on to share her discoveries through teaching at the Royal Ontario Museum, as well as colleges, libraries and cafes (and wherever she has an audience).  Jayme has an engaging teaching style that stems from her desire to educate and entertain.  

Jayme’s herbal training began with a strong focus on local, sustainably wildcrafted medicine.  Much of her dispensary has been harvested from forests, so when she discovered Permaculture and Food Forests, she knew she had found a path that would further deepen her connection with the plant world.

She took her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2011.  Recently, she has taken on a 3 acre Pear Orchard Rehabilitation project at The Living Centre with her partner.

As care taker of the Forest Garden Farmacy, she enjoys providing people with locally grown and sustainably wildcrafted edibles and medicinals.

Connect with her via her Facebook page, Forest Garden Farmacy

Jennifer Slay


 Jennifer Slay – Empowerment Coach and Public Speaker

What am I most passionate about? I am most passionate about being of service – whether it is to my family, friends, or clients. It’s selfish really because I get a high when I’m helping people. lol

What do I love helping people with? I love helping people discover or rediscover their greatness within. When the lights go on and they realize that they CAN it’s a real high.
Connect with Jen at www.jenslay.com
David Piercey

 David Piercey – Davids Reel Property Care

What am I most passionate about? I am most passionate about taking care of my wife and having time FREEDOM!

What do I love helping people with? I love to help people build relationships with others and learn how to best leverage their time.
Connect with David on Facebook