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How To Bring Local Awareness To Your Event At The Hive London

By Jenna Goodhand, Hive Director

So you are ready to host an amazing event at The Hive!

We couldn’t be happier to have you in our space sharing the good things you add to our community and the people we share it with.

Thank you!

We’ve found a few activities that will ensure the most people know about your event, see its value and most importantly you fill the spaces available for your event and feel proud about its success.

We highly recommend doing these first 3 activities 6 weeks before the event.

1) Event poster (to be shared on Social Media)

  • Don’t overload it with information. The finer details should be found either in the text you add to your posting or on the event page it is linked to. The more visibly appealing the better. This is to catch your attendees eye, let them know what it is and entice them to learn more.

2) FB Event page

  • Where potential attendees can get more details, ask questions and you can share with them information, tips and anything else that will  get them excited, prepared and build up further interest in you, your business or your product.
  • Don’t just create an event page and leave it empty. Create value and engagement around your event.
  • Consider adding us as a co-host so that we can promote it through our network as well

3) Post to local London listing pages

Here are some further suggestions to really make the most of your event before the day to get the buzz going.

1) Set goals and action steps with one of our in house certified coaches. ABSOLUTELY FREE!

2) Come by The Hive and make a video with one of our support staff. We’ll ask you questions, you can show people where the event is taking place and they can get a better feel for who you are and what to expect.

3) Have us boost your event for $5, $10 or $15. For just a few dollars we can target your exact audience!

Remember to have fun with this! Push your comfort zone a little and learn something new about yourself as an event host, business and amazing community member!