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There Is Enough Success For Everyone

By Jenna Goodhand, Hive Director

Sometimes you see all the incredible people around you doing things you wrote down on your to-do list *gulp* years ago and you wonder “How the heck did they get that done so fast?”

Be proud of them. Be supportive. Be inspired.

Because coming from a place of jealousy and envy, means coming from a place of ego and a void of love, and baby, we need more love.

We all have different responsibilities, with different time and energy requirements.

Don’t let the successes or results of others deter or distract you from your own life journey.

Soak up their joy, their bliss, their success, it is one world and we all benefit from the positive experiences of others.

You will get to where you need to be when you get there, and when you do, it will be the right time.

And they will probably celebrate with you.


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