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“A great location for your business or meeting place….country atmosphere, yet only minutes from downtown London.” ~Tenant

Are you looking for a comfortable space to meet with clients or a quiet place away from your home office?

Do you need a location to teach and share with others your specific area of expertise or a new product you’re selling?

Are you planning a big event for the spring but don’t know where you are going to find the outdoor space to host it?

The Hive is the answer to your rental space needs and you only pay for the time and space you need, no contracts or longterm commitments. 

Find Space In The Treatment Room 
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Find Space In The Conversation Room
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2017 Rates

Conversation Room and Treatment Room 8am-7pm during the week

2 hrs (minimum rental) $25

4 hrs $40

8 hrs $60

Conversation Room and Treatment Room 7pm – 11pm during the week 

Each hour is $16

Conversation Room and Treatment Room on weekends

Each hour is $16

Community Room (For workshops, seminars, support groups, etc)

$60 1-2hrs then $15 each hr after. For example: 8hrs of community space would be $150

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Conversation Room

Treatment Room

Community Space

Outdoor Space

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