What Does It Mean To Pollinate The World Around You?

community Nov 16, 2020

We get a lot of inspiration and direction from the bees. They are resilient, clever, resourceful and they act in a way that serves the world around them; although they haven't the slightest clue that they do. 

When worker bees leave the hive they are on a mission to collect pollen for the survival of their community, and thoughtfully, for those that are born beyond their own little life.

They find flowers that host a collection of bright yellow dust that sticks to their legs as they dance amongst them and then they return home to drop off their findings and then return to the field once again to collect more. 

What bees don't know, but we humans do, is that this thoughtful behaviour of collecting pollen for one's community does more than just ensure the survival of the hive, it ensures the survival of us.  

Apples, beans, blueberries, sweet potatoes, pears, peaches, onions, and so many more foods, are reliant on this very important interaction that bees have with their flowers. No bees = No diverse buffet of fruits, vegetables and grains to keep us healthy and strong. No vegetable soup with barley and buckwheat toast. 

If we convert this interaction into human terms it could look something like:

A human goes out into the world to do something for the betterment of themselves and those they most commonly interact and associate with BUT as a result of those activities millions of other humans they know nothing about have also benefited.

Except there is one very different detail in this scenario.

Humans do know about other humans. We know the actions we take today impact people we know and people we'll never meet tomorrow.

Unfortunately most of us consider primarily those that come from within our immediate hive; those we look like, those we communicate with ease with and those who see the world the same way we do. 

We spend most of our time focusing on the work we do within the hive and for the hive, instead of thinking about what impact we are having when we pollinate. 

Every day we are pollinating in all the interactions and activities we do. For the betterment of our global hive or for the detriment, we pollinate.

Unlike the bees who are unaware of their impact, we have the tools and access to survey the implications of our activities. And we believe we should. 

To pollinate the world means to ask ourselves the question: "How is this activity, program, project, resource or conversation going to improve the world in which we live in ways that go beyond just benefiting my immediate hive?"

If you share a vision and conviction to make this planet we live on a better place for all, we hope you'll engage in conversations and personally reflect on the ways you can pollinate all the places in which you live your life outside of your hive (and within). 

We believe if we all lived and worked this way, oh what a global hive this would be(e)!


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