Celebrating Black History Month in 2021

Every February Canadians are encouraged to celebrate and participate in activities surrounding Black History Month. It is a time to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the experiences, diversity and accomplishments of Black Canadians.

Although the pandemic has created many challenges, it has made it easier for us to engage in many of the Black History Month events we might otherwise not have been able to attend had they been in person. Now from the comfort of your home you can join these events virtually, most free of charge, from cities near and far.  

We encourage our community to embrace this month of national recognition and participate in the diversity of events available, remembering the lives and history of Black Canadians should be acknowledged and celebrated all year long.


Events Run by Local Organizations and Groups:


Online Children’s Festival

Monday February 1, 2021 @6:30-7:00pm

This event is taking place every Monday in February....

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