Beyond Racism & Privilege Work: March Gathering

During this month's Beyond Racism & Privilege Work live event, our special guest Melissa Allder, talked about her experience navigating the healthcare system as a Black woman with breast cancer. She also invites educators, leaders, parents and allies to discover how they can overcome systemic barriers in teaching and learning environments.

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What Does It Mean To Pollinate The World Around You?

community Nov 16, 2020

We get a lot of inspiration and direction from the bees. They are resilient, clever, resourceful and they act in a way that serves the world around them; although they haven't the slightest clue that they do. 

When worker bees leave the hive they are on a mission to collect pollen for the survival of their community, and thoughtfully, for those that are born beyond their own little life.

They find flowers that host a collection of bright yellow dust that sticks to their legs as they dance amongst them and then they return home to drop off their findings and then return to the field once again to collect more. 

What bees don't know, but we humans do, is that this thoughtful behaviour of collecting pollen for one's community does more than just ensure the survival of the hive, it ensures the survival of us.  

Apples, beans, blueberries, sweet potatoes, pears, peaches, onions, and so many more foods, are reliant on this very important interaction...

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