Beyond Racism & Privilege Work: March Gathering 

Wednesday, March 3rd, 7PM-8:30PM EST

Hosted by Beyond Racism & Privilege Work

Melissa Allder is a learning coordinator with the Thames Valley District School Board, Founder and Director of BIPOC Educational Association and an advocate for Black women with Breast Cancer. In this month's discussion Melissa invites educators, leaders, parents and allies to discover how they can overcome systemic barriers in teaching and learning environments as well as better understand the challenges that Black individuals face when navigating health care systems. There will be an opportunity to share and ask questions following Melissa's talk.



A Conversation of "Caste": A Book About History, But Made To Change It! 

A 5 Week (Drop In When You Want) Series Beginning March 4th at 7PM EST

Hosted by The Hive London

“Required reading for all of humanity” ~ Oprah Winfrey

“Caste” by Isabel Wilkerson was published in August of 2020 and since its release has created quite the buzz in conversations from the dinner table to the White House.  The book discusses the process of 400 years of racism and racial hierarchies, exploring the unspoken caste system that defines human divisions. 

Beginning March 4th @7:00 PM join us for online gatherings, every Thursday, to discuss a section of the book. If you would like to participate, but do not want to actively engage in the conversation aspect of this event, that is okay! Discussion questions will be distributed beforehand. All levels of discussion are welcome.

This event will be curated by Danielle DeSutter, a Fanshawe student and self-proclaimed bookworm. Discussing this book with all of you will collide her two passions: literature and social activism.



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