Better Together

When you share space with others the results are beyond what you ever could have expected to achieve on your own.

We are so grateful to share the most space with these individuals.

Queen Bees

Jenna Goodhand

Founder and Director

Business-Development Strategist, consultant, coach and speaker specializing in the entrepreneurial experience. 

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Jennifer Slay

Director of Wellness

Wellness & Business Consultant, Life Coach and Award Winning Speaker & Author. Focus on human potential and growth.

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Katelyn Landry

Creative Director & Events Coordinator

Brand Stylist and Art Director working with entrepreneurs to elevate their business marketing efforts through strategy and design

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Danielle Corcoran

Our own internal Money Coach!

Danielle is passionate about inspiring people to take control of their future by learning about money and how to make more of it!

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Tia Kennedy

Tia Kennedy is the T.E.N Project Coordinator for Yotuni C.I.. Yotuni aims to support Indigenous mental health and wellness through traditional and innovative education, healing and storytelling. Yotuni gives youth a voice and improves their well-being mentally, emotionally, physically, and Spiritually.

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Theresa Stock

Theresa is a warm and compassionate Psychotherapist that provides a safe, comfortable environment for individuals, couples, families and youth. 

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Gary Bolduc

Gary Bolduc is one of London's most talented and creative street photographers!

You can check his work out on Instagram at f8edlight where you'll spot nooks and crannies of our space being used in his weekly sessions!


Michelle Black-Sullivan

Michelle is a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant (CDBC) and the founder and head trainer of PAWSitively Happy Home.  A lifelong animal lover she’s owned several dogs, cats, birds, fish and various other fuzzy critters.

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Barbara Lima

Barbara loves to help bring the mind, body and spirit into a deep state of relaxation and to bring each client back in alignment with the touch of massage. 

If you are in need of some self-care or need to release some tension Barbara is here for you! 

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Ralph Lembcke

A long-time fan of everything MCM, Ralph uses his knowledge of construction and love of architecture to create colourful, wooden sculptural pieces of art.

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Sarah and Nick

A super awesome couple that does super awesome things! 

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Dawna Reid

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Krystal Lee Moore Lucier

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Rebecca Ogilvie

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Amy Morley

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Heather Jerrard

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Christiena Healey

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Chloe Wolfe

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This Could Be You!